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Shaping spaces where good things happen; that’s the position we start every project from.

 How do you want your customers to feel?

Creating that perfect blend, getting that feeling just right – a space to build your community around, sharing good times, coffee, food, music, art, illustration. That’s a key question we’ll want to sit down and talk about with you. 

About Hart Miller Design

Our passion is to design and deliver cafés, coffee shops and casual dining spaces that bring people together to experience the joy of hospitality. We are experienced in creating those favourite spaces your customers seek out, the moments they want to tell others about whilst making your team can operate seamlessly.

Working with one-off spaces through to multiple site locations with each project we deliver a personal and comprehensive service from concept design through to furniture specification, detailed design packages, cost scheduling and project delivery all combined to achieve a sustainable fit out and build. 

We won’t make sustainability a bolt on – it’s part of our process to help you unpick the options, delve into the great greenwash and offer informed choices and ideas as to how you can make a difference with responsible decisions.

We like to work with brave brands and bold clients who trust us to come in to their world and help them build a better future – where good things happen.

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Office Designers

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Hospitality Design

When we say ‘hospitality design’ we’re including the interiors of a commercial premises for food service industries such as coffee shops, cafes, casual dining environments, quick service restaurants, bars, pop-up restaurants, beer trucks and more. Experts in the field of cafe interior design and coffee shop design, Hart Miller connect the personal experience of a customer with brand storytelling, ultimately creating a strong connection, or ‘brand-love’. We understand that a café’s success relies on experience. That’s not just a flippant remark because it seems obvious, but we spend a lot of time crafting a brand story through each touch-point, eliminating pressure on service and enabling efficiency throughout.

Office Designers

Hospitality design should inspire and create a memorable, emotional connection. Our hospitality interior designers will create the ideal layout and decor for your space, and have the knowledge to fine-tune every aspect to offer the best experience for customers. Whether you’re looking for a full refurbishment, launching a new space or creating a new experience, our interior designers can help you create a memorable, experience-led design that builds loyalty with your customers.

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If you have a design brief you want us to look at, or prefer to email us initially then use our form below to submit a project brief to us.

We will open a file and gather information about your project to help us prepare an intelligent response for how to proceed.

We’ll book a time with you to discuss in more detail, explaining how we work, our experience in the sector and how your project can stand apart from the crowd.