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How We Work

We consider all aspects of design when working on commercial projects; each touchpoint is a reflection of your business and an important step in interacting with your brand.

Origin Coffee Roasters at The Aircraft Factory

Hospitality Design

When we say ‘hospitality design’ we’re including the interiors of a commercial premises for service industries including restaurants, bars, clubs, casino’s, coffee shops, pop-up or temporary restaurants, spas, lounges and more.

Experts in the field of hotel interior design and hospitality design, Hart Miller connect the personal experience of a customer with brand storytelling, ultimately creating a strong connection, or ‘brand-love’.

We understand that a hotel’s success relies on experience. That’s not just a flippant remark because it seems obvious, but we spend a lot of time crafting a brand story through each touch-point, eliminating pain points and enabling efficiency throughout.

Your business is a hybrid of experiences, from eating and drinking, to working and sleeping – each journey needs to be seamlessly connected and consistent.

Hospitality design should inspire and create a memorable, emotional connection. Our hospitality interior designers will create the ideal layout and decor for your space, and have the knowledge to fine-tune every aspect to offer the best experience for guests.

Whether you’re looking for a full refurbishment, launching a new space or creating a new experience, our interior designers can help you create a memorable, experience-led design that builds loyalty with your customers.