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Tate St Ives

Hart Miller Design worked with Tate St Ives to deliver a furniture led refurbishment and exploration of opportunities for the cafe space.

Working closely with Tate director Mark Osterfield and his team, Hart Miller Design looked at how through careful space planning they could increase covers and consider settings that translated from winter to summer.

Key to the design solution was selecting a palette of materials and furniture that would not compete for attention with the striking architecture of the space, and indeed the views from the terrace.

The furniture led solution utilised Hart Miller Design’s own furniture products from MARK Product with a design classic, the Eames DSW Chair, to produce a complementary collection of settings that were soft in colour with a hit of warmth.

As a result of the renovation project’s successes, winter settings are on pause as the cafe has continued to attract an increasing number of customers throughout the season.