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Falmouth University Studio D

An innovative studio space for Falmouth University’s ‘Performance Centre’, Hart Miller Design were asked to create a flexible working environment for postgraduate Event Management and Production students.

We worked closely with Falmouth University to create a versatile learning environment at its Penryn campus. The space needed to be flexible so it would be suitable for group work, drop-ins, cinema/conferences and events; yet remain professional and appropriate for the postgraduate students using the space.

Our design solution focused on addressing the students’ need to reconfigure their space swiftly, easily and regularly which resulted in space planning and furniture choices playing a key role.

Characterful ‘Fruit and Nut’ tables create the opportunity for group working when positioned centrally in the room, but can be hung on the wall when more room is needed for screenings. Touch down work stations and storage addresses the need for quick check ins whilst large format white and cork boards allow students to immerse themselves in ideas as they work in groups throughout substantial periods of the course.

We designed a bespoke sofa system ‘Studioscape’ that could be freely pushed around to form flexible social settings and a hit of colour brings vibrancy to the scheme through floor and wall finishes.

Studioscape has since been developed as a flexible and versatile modular sofa system with our furniture brand MARK Product and is being used by industry leaders in their work place such as the BBC and Google Campus.