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How can we help you make sustainable choices?

Sustainable Choices

How can interior designers help the hospitality sector when it comes to carbon footprints?

We are signatories of the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and as a business our sustainability goals are aligned with the UN Sustainabilty goals. In our day to day work we are constantly exploring how we can make the end product of our work more sustainable.

 Here’s a snapshot of a few things that we feel are easy wins when looking at furniture and materials:

 Wood is good, so long as it’s manufacturer responsibly.

Asking for certification of FSC certified timbers in the production of furniture is really important. This protects natural habitats ensuring responsible management of forests.

Carbon neutral might not be as good as it sounds.

Often there are off-sets involved so when comparing products consider other factors that contribute to the broader view of sustainability. Timber chairs for example have a smaller carbon footprint than steel frame chairs but it is worth considering the social sustainability and the shipping – where they were made and by whom.

 Think about end of life.

If a product is made from recycled materials, it may not actually be recyclable again.

We are asking our suppliers how material innovations are recyclable for circular production? Many materials have to be shipped off-shore at end of life to be recycled so there is going to be a carbon impact at end of life.

 We can’t make it all perfect.  

Reducing our impact is taking time. Everyone is learning and we’re making informed choices and balanced decisions as we progress. It’s not about being perfect but looking for opportunities to make a change.