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Interview Insights - chef and author James Strawbridge

Interview Insights - James Strawbridge

Interview Insights this month come from a great conversation with chef and author James Strawbridge.
Read our insights here on creating some noise, bringing a community to the streets and why we need more family friendly dining.


A community feel to be brought to the streets. We’re not homogenous in our tastes, great long table,
wild dining experiences, where it’s okay to be more fluid….acknowledging that people don’t want to sit down to eat all at the same time.

Coffee shops is a good example of spaces where you’re having variety both in coffee offering style of drink but also in the food you eat with it, a panini, a merginue, a full plated meal; you then find your own space, grab and go with a wait for some quality food, a more organic evolution of what we eat.


I would get rid of the phrase interiors.

Focus on space because exteriors are going to be worth millions in redeveloping space in order to have dining, social spots, outdoor kitchens. In terms of design there’s very few people who are doing hybrid indoor / outdoor where it’s seamless. People will be excited to see something new on the horizon.


Creating a good space where people have a jolly good time.

I think you’ll see more casual fine dining coming along. British restaurants have been very formal for a long time, more alfresco, continental family dining experience where children can be noisey, wine can be split, without “silence” we’ve got to chill a bit more in hospitability.