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Interview Insights | GAIL's bakery

GAILs holding image

We recently asked GAIL’s to take part in our Insight Interview series digging in to how they navigate sustainability as the business grows.


Property Director, Brett Parker and Senior Project Manager, Michelle Pollard-Smith joined us to discuss what they’ve learnt, the opportunities they feel still await and how we can always do better when we share our experiences. If you’re not familiar with GAIL’s then check them out here.


Their first high street bakery was established in 2005; Michelle joining in 2015 and Brett in 2018. Under the leadership of Managing Director, Marta Pogroszewska the business has grown from opening 10 sites a year to opening 30 in 2022 alone and that brings them up to circa 110 stores with further stores underway. Read here INTERVIEW_INSIGHTS_Gails_May2023