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Interview Insights - Bio-Manufacturing Company BIOHM

Insight Interviews - Biohm

We’re on the hunt for a coffee company who wants to utilise this genius – there’s a whole load of material to grow from coffee waste!

In our latest Interview Insights we’ve caught up with the talented researchers at BIOHM to understand how they are creating incredible materials with Mycelium.

Sustainable materials are rarely actually that when you consider that to be truly sustainable any material should have a circular life cycle.

Although many of us know we’re happy to take a recyclable label at face value. However, many materials that today claim they can be recycled, can not be without being shipped abroad, to a specialist plant and in reality – who will do that?

When these materials comes to the end of their life they will 100% biodegrade and that is the win, no bio-resin, no chemical binders.

Read our Insights for an introduction and check them out to find out more

At our core, we’re really an R&D company

Mycelium panels

We use post industrial waste (stalks from hemp plants) as a ‘starter’ for mycelium to grow around. The process is incredibly quick

and within two weeks we have an organic panel with interesting insulating and acoustic properties. One key feature is the ‘locking- in’ of embodied carbon within the waste product via the growing process.

Our aim is to launch products and materials that are competitive in the market so people don’t have to make decisions based on budget.

New materials are here already!

Organic refuse bio-compound

ORB is a plant based binder mixed together with different waste streams such as coffee chaff, orange peel, sugar cane, cardboard etc. From this we create a sheet material that can be used for different interior applications including 3D forming. With no chemicals or synthetics, it will ultimately degrade naturally at its end of life.

We’ll soon be launching 100% orange peel tiles as a complete product with no binder.

Transforming project specific waste

It tells the nicest story

We can take waste streams from projects and turn them into useful products. Recently Biohm worked with developers GS8 taking soil waste from their Arbour project at Orford Rd. to create a completely unique ORB material which was then fed back into the site as interior products. We’ve even used human hair as a filler material!

Our services offer a great opportunity to transform ‘waste’ into new materials and products, which tells a beautiful circular story.