An introduction to Common Threads

In 2020 we started work on a concept research project as we suddenly had a little more time on our hands. 

We set out to explore the idea of the ‘Common Threads’ that are woven through our work and the wider business of hospitality. We started some conversations we’d never had before, we started learning new things, and we were enjoying ourselves – so we’ve made it a ‘thing’.

We’ll share our insights over the coming months under the Common Thread’s banner.

If you’d like to know why are we exploring this ‘Common Thread’ read on.

In each project our design process is always part of a much wider brief for any business that looks to create joyful and memorable experiences, turn a profit and do so effectively – our work is but a fraction of that story.

Design of a new project can be a catalyst for exploring ideas that cover the business offering, operations, brand building, sustainable development, F&B offerings, marketing and customer engagement. We aren’t always involved in all these conversations but 2020 gave us some time to have conversations that roam and explore a little more outside our core services.

The process has been a joy and really interesting. We’re looking forward to sharing some of our favourite content with you over the coming months from our conversations with chefs, graphic artists, business owners, retail consultants and marketeers.