Origin Coffee Southwark

Translating a brand built on bold visual style into a series of distinctive spaces, Hart Miller Design have worked with Origin Coffee for almost a decade, conceiving unique individual destinations in diverse settings – from the British Library to an old aircraft factory and a store in the heart of Shoreditch. Blending close consultation with fresh ideas to capture the heartfelt care, precision and craft that Origin pours into every cup.

A lot was riding on the opening of Origin’s first café spaces. We set out to communicate the distinctive speciality essence of the brand and stand out in a very crowded market. At the same time, we balanced creating atmospheric, inviting environments with meeting their practical and business goals – from customer journey to service efficiency and food presentation.

With multiple cafés opening within a relatively short timeframe, we wanted to avoid a ‘cookie cutter’ approach of rolling out one design style. Instead, we considered how each destination could feel unique to its building, audience, context and area, so each felt different but distinctly Origin. 

We talked closely with Origin’s team, from their Head of Coffee to tech managers plus commercial, finance and branding teams, striking the balance to represent everyone’s needs and priorities.

We drew together elements of Origin’s visual identity and turned their brand in to a three-dimensional, tactile space. A soft colour palette; materials reflecting the speciality coffee market; creative illustrative elements like the mural wall by John Kilburn in Shoreditch and the brew bar encouraging customers to interact with baristas to learn about the coffee and brewing process.

Feeling distinctly speciality coffee but definitely not ‘me too’, each café has a unique feel.

Photography: Juliet Murphy